Falling in Love…with myself

love yourself before you find yourself in love It took 35 years, a divorce and a global pandemic before I finally stopped hiding from my problems and began to look inward. Brianna Weist, in her book The Mountain is You, sheds light on some hard truths, in particular she discusses self-sabotaging behaviors and unhealthy habits … Continue reading Falling in Love…with myself

Uncalculated Risks

"How do I make you not feel this way?" I managed to whisper, as she glared at me with an anger I still can't quite understand. We sat next to each other pretending to watch the playoff football game, both of us trying to make sense of our thoughts. As my words came out, I … Continue reading Uncalculated Risks


mindfulness-the intentional use of attention. It is the art of being present + learning to live consciously. When you are able to find alignment, the possibilities are endless. The only thing that exists in the world is the present moment. Read that sentence again. Everything else as we know it, is a fragment of our … Continue reading Mindfulness

Practicing Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is not only important for creating a successful spiritual journey but it will transform your life and it will train you to live in a state of gratitude. You will reprogram the cells in your body, you will change your way of thinking and you will master the necessary skills for building your … Continue reading Practicing Gratitude


set a million goals, go on-just do it. __________ "A tale as old as time," -the voice of Angela Lansbury sings to me as I recollect how many years + experiences I had avoiding this advice. Sure I had goals-maybe three or four of them: I wanted to buy a house, own my dream car, … Continue reading GOALS, GOALS, GOALS

MCM: Man Crush Monday

We're all familiar with Monday & its  bad repuation, but there are some good things about Monday. Like, 3 day holiday weekends Monday (& getting paid to not work on Monday, Monday). Or if you're on Instagram, then chances are you're familiar with  hastagMCM in your newsfeed. If you're a lucky gent who gets a shout out … Continue reading MCM: Man Crush Monday

Funny Girl

I'm so happy to see women like Chelsea Handler, Mindy Kaling and Lena Durham take charge of television, obviously they're hilarious, smart & talented women, but they're just SO refreshingly honest with themselves.They're willing to admit things I've never felt okay whispering in to the ears of my closest girlfriend and now they're taking over … Continue reading Funny Girl