Happiest Hour in Phoenix

Ok, so now that I’m  officially 31 and my life resembles a fine blend of Leslie Mann and Katherine Heigl’s character in Knocked Up, I’m moving on to Happy Hours and retiring the club heels/BPM/vodka-redbulls for good. Why? Well, glad you asked. Because when else can you put in work and sneak away to get amazing cocktails/apps for like a fraction of the price and still be home for dinner with the family?


Last week, I made it over to The Gladly for the first time. They had this salad on their happy hour menu (YES, a salad on a HH menu!) and a person that was with us kept raving about how great it was. A couple minutes later, the runner brought the salad and listed the ingredients: smoked lox, arugula, dried corn, pepitas and currants, Israeli  cous-cous, bruschetta tomatoes and a creamy basil ranch. When he said that, I literally thought to myself “on what planet would that be good?” & then I tried it. & then I ate pretty much all of it. & then I ordered one to take home. It was SO delicious. Also, it’s $1 this week during HH. You’re welcome. Visit the Facebook page here (yup, the salad not the restaurant’s FB page).

Spotlight: Danielle Capps with Rain Cosmetics

ImageThe only thing I could possibly love more than Danielle, is her family. They have taken me in on holidays and have countlessly welcomed me just as their own, so to think that her dad spends afternoons with Betty White, still seems utterly surreal. As a child, Danielle was on movie sets while I was earning badges in Girl Scouts, but it’s something she hardly ever talks about. Danielle carries herself with a certain humility, even though she is intelligent, über talented, and incredibly gorgeous–but the real reason I chose to spotlight her is because she took a leap of faith–without the help of any connections she may have had, to pursue what she loves to do, & in return has helped turned Rain Cosmetics into an international brand.

I met Danielle when we both moved to Las Vegas in 2008, at the time she was a recent college grad who signed on for a three-month stint for a well-known entertainment company who hired her for makeup applications, but it didn’t take long for someone else to notice the new talent. At the time, Rain Cosmetics was a small start-up cosmetic company looking for someone to help develop their brand and to help take it to the next level, even though Danielle may not have known it at the time, Ray and Lori Montoya, owners of the upcoming cosmetic company, knew they had found the perfect person for the job.

ImageEven though she knew the position was an amazing opportunity, she was hesitant to accept the offer. If she took the position, she would be leaving her family and friends behind for a city that she came to when she wanted to get away from reality. During the couple of months she lived in Las Vegas while working as a make up artist, she was living out of suitcase in a hotel room on the strip. Nothing about Vegas felt like home, so imagine how scary it must have been to take that leap of faith–only knowing a handful of people in Vegas, and accepting an offer from a company that had just started their business venture. Her only safety net was her intuition and the can’t-miss-opportunity to be a part of an industry that she had always been passionate about.

Sure enough, the company has found incredible success. What started out as an idea by a makeup artist and a handful of visionaries, soon found its way in to production and on shelves in Michael Boychuck Salons, a well-known hair salon in Las Vegas known for its celebrity clientele.

The company’s concept was simple, and it offered something that most products didn’t: moisture (a must for desert living!) And not long after Capps came on board, the small brand of lip glosses and eye shadow palettes with Vegas inspired names, was on its way to becoming a Las Vegas staple. Anyone that uses Rain Cosmetics knows that the products could sell themselves, Rain just needed someone to give the company the right exposure. With the aid of Danielle’s natural talent in PR, the company soon had a Las Vegas following (including local celebrities like Holly Madison and Lara Croft). It wasn’t long after that Rain had a bigger market than the Michael Boychuck Salons could offer, and in 2010 Rain Cosmetics opened their own store in Summerlin (a high-end suburb of Las Vegas).

In the four years Danielle has been with Rain Cosmetics, the company has found itself in partnership with MGM/Mirage Properties, It became the Official Brand for Miss USA pageants, and it has recently signed  on with the international 6|2 Stores (including their store in the Cosmopolitan), and is also available for purchase on www.amazon.com (and of course, on www.RainCosmetics.com).

The best part is that this is just the beginning of her story, as I write this article, Danielle is in Minneapolis filming an a segment for Rain Cosmetics to be featured on Shop NBC.

So if you’re wondering why I chose to spotlight her, and Rain Cosmetics, it’s because I want to celebrate taking risks. Some of the most fascinating and successful people I know stopped listening to what people told them they should do–& instead followed their own passions and  in return, their reward has been much greater.

I couldn’t be happier for the success she has found with Rain, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the both of them!

For more information on Rain, check back for my review on my favorite Rain products later this month!

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Here’s a preview from the Segment on Shop NBC! Enjoy.