Welcome my friend! My name is Rianna and I’m a thirty something year old, California raised + Scottsdale living mother of 2 beautiful daughters. I decided I couldn’t take another minute of living a life without authenticity + purpose to live out my dream life so here my messy, rough draft blueprint of that. Instead of coming from a place where I have it all figured out, I wanted to share the growing pains, the magic and beauty of the world as it unfolds.

I’ve created this site with one goal in mind, that I have the ability to learn with you. I remember when I was exploring my spirituality, every time I got close to understanding the wonders of the universe, it felt too overwhelming and instead pushed me away. Now looking back, I can think back to many times in my life the Universe was trying to call me in.

You can find out a lot more about me by exploring the site, so I won’t spend too much time telling you about me and invite you to stay a while instead.

The goal for the site is to build a community of amazing talent and create a space of like minded individuals to help promote their gifts, knowledge and to be able to share their experiences so we can help maximize your potential.

Maybe you found yourself here to learn or maybe you found yourself here to contribute.

I believe in creating an inclusive culture of diversity, kindness, positive vibes and energy and I believe every person has something they can bring to the table.

The mission is for everyone to use this place as a way to become a better version of themselves and to add some badass energy to the collective because we are the collective.

We want to focus on celebrating the journey rather than the destination. We are your support, we promise to help uplift, educate, explore and inspire you. We promise to be our authentic selves and to keep it real.

We are so excited you’re here and can’t wait to be a part of your journey.

For any inquiries, please e-mail: riannaeve@me.com

tell me more.

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