Astrology Charts are a total BETCH

Come join Ashley and I for an Astrology Chart Reading, one of the many tools we can use to help guide us to become the BEST version of ourselves.

When you feel stuck, a reading may help you get insight on topics like:

  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Health
  • Ancestral Patterns + so much more

& If you want a quick run down on astrology charts, be sure to check out my breakdown here.


Without further ado, let me introduce you to Miss Ashley Betchley

aka @AshBetchBaby!

For those of you that need an introduction, Ashley Betchley is a thirtyish something, Californian native, Aquarius sun + moon driven self mastery babe with a flair for all things Astrology. When I heard she was offering personal readings, I made sure to have her schedule me in.

I’ve been lucky enough to know Ashley for more than 20 years. Through those years, she has always authentically owned her story. She has this way of exuding major self confidence yet being completely authentic with her insecurities-which can be really refreshing these days.

In her words, she’s a rebel against perfectionism.

Ashley recently launched her podcast The Real Betch and in her episodes, she manages to break down Astrology and how to use it as a tool to help decode + guide our lives. This can be used time and time again as she explained in our reading, it’s a tool we can always go back to. She teaches us ways to use our birth chart to manifest, take action and live in our best alignment. She also sheds light on our life plan + what we can expect in our coming seasons.

While I love being a Leo (because duh why wouldn’t I?) I didn’t understood how little my sun sign mattered in my birth chart and was surprised by the bigger influences in my life. Ashley helped me by providing a better understanding of my birth chart–breaking down my placements, my houses, my moon and rising signs down to their degree and somehow made it look effortless. Ashley has also found a way to integrate these concepts in her podcast. Her episodes provide a digestible way to learn astrology while she shares her experiences of her life journey. Y’all, her podcast is rated five stars for a reason!

It’s no secret that my life for the past five years has been a filled with a roller coaster of some pretty painful events. From those experiences, two things stood out for me: I didn’t know I needed the help when I did and when I began to look for help, I wasn’t sure where to start. It seemed like any avenue required an investment of some kind-whether that meant a hundred or a couple thousand of dollars, and I wasn’t even sure what I would gain from it if I decided to purchase the session, program, event. It was a challenge to figure out what was actually worth the investment (let alone, I was worth that investment but that’s a whole different story we’ll dive in to later), which is why I wanted to share what a reading would look like if you book with Ashley and how you can use it as a tool to live your best life!

Something interesting about my reading was that I recently quit my corporate job to pursue my passions, I’d be lying if I didn’t share with you that the months leading up to this decision has been consumed with self doubt, insecurities, fear, and anxiety but after reading my chart with Ashley, I got confirmation that this move was a step in the right direction. Our session helped pacify my fears as I transition in to an unfamiliar world.

If you book a session with Ashley, she will make sure whatever intention you set comes through in your reading, she will help clarify on or provide guidance through your chart to help your manifestations and bring intuitive messages, provide affirmations that will help support your next journey. For me, it was well worth the investment!

Ashley also offers The Betch in your Back Pocket, a 1-1 service that provides support to help you take the next step and chase your wildest dreams.

Astrology is just one of the many resources you have in your toolbox but it is a great tool to help gain clarity, in my case confirming my life purpose. She was also able to tell me about my past lives (which apparently I was a nun?), what I’m meant to learn in this lifetime, what challenges may be presented to me in this life and what my actual journey, if supported, can look like.

So I hope you enjoy our reading-I know we sure did + be sure to like, follow, listen to Ashley as she inspires you to be the magical person you are.

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