Protecting Your Energy

Let’s geek out for a moment, shall we?

What exactly is energy? The answer is simple, we as beautiful human beings are comprised 99% of energy. At any given moment, we are transmitting frequencies and vibrations by our thoughts, actions, and the words we speak. That ultimately is what makes us so powerful.

Everything in this world operates on energy. Through energy, we can calculate speed, temperature, weight, distance, and so much more. If we look inside an atom, 99% of it’s structure is space comprised of energy. If we think about protons and neutrons, we can make a clear distinction between positive and negative energy based on their ability to either repel or attract. This can help us better understand why positive energy is so important. We want to be a proton, we want to attract positive energy.

The problem is the universe doesn’t discriminate whether to bless you with positive or negative energy, it is not a concious being which means it is unable to differentiate what is tangible in our lives versus a fleeting thought. When we believe we’re not good enough for something, ya girl Energy is gonna attract the results for that belief. The law of attraction serves us the energy that we put out, so if any part of our lives needs improvement, we need to start by changing our way of thinking.

Trust me, this is much easier said then done. Our subconcious and conscious thoughts carry the same weight; which means we really have to take the time to self reflect and figure out what’s going on in the deeper parts of our mind that creates negative beliefs. Those little thoughts where we feel embarrassment or shame when we do something, the idea that we are undeserving or not worthy of receiving; these are powerful beliefs that pack a lot of energy. Most often, we are emitting negative energy by these subconscious beliefs and we may not even realize we’re attracting results because of them.

All I ask for now, is that you start paying attention to when we do it.

First, let’s start out with the simple.

Change the way you speak to yourself. I’ll go first:

“I don’t know why I’m applying for this job, I’m not going to get it.”

“I can’t go on that trip because I won’t have enough money”

“I won’t ever be able to buy a house”

-Literal words that came out of my mouth

If I could go back, I’d literally kick myself everytime I said something negative about myself that further confirmed my lackluster reality. I actually lived by the quote “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all” for most of my life. We may have heard of the term lack energy, but there I was living my life in it.

The first step is to acknowledge these behaviors. If we find ourselves thinking negative thoughts, we must first recognize them then try to change our narrative or belief system. Just think about when we pass a stranger, do we judge their appearance or their actions? Do we ever look at our reflection in the mirror and cast a quick judgement about ourselves? Do we ever find ourselves annoyed by the behavior of those closest to us?

By acknowledging our subconcious thoughts and bringing them to our concious mind will allow us to correct our behaviors. This is especially important in understanding why affirmations are so powerful, we are neutralizing these energies by attracting positive energy in our life.

The second step, in which I will go in much greater detail on, is to identify the source of these negative thoughts. Gah.

Any negative belief I have about myself tends to stem from: low self esteem, lack of self-love and self-worth. These m’dears, are trauma induced. It could be as something as simple as a teacher or caregiver saying we’re not worthy of success or it could be an inner child wound from how we received love and attention as a child. This is not an easy fix, it often takes a lifetime to correct, but I felt it is important to first introduce you to the power of our subconscious mind. Until we recognize the cause of the pain and heal from it, we are going to attract negative energy in to our lives based on our deep rooted beliefs about ourselves and others.

Third, we have to change how we percieve and speak to others. Judge Judy does not lead you to an enlightened life. Repeat after me: Leave the Judgin’ to Jesus. When we pass someone on the street and they’re wearing clothes maybe a size too tight or you see a homeless person drinking a beer while panhandling for money-what thoughts cross your mind? Chances are we’re not thinking positive thoughts. How about when we fight with a friend or family member, we may think “they’re being selfish or manipulative,” to help ease and validate your own feelings of hurt. For every negative thought about yourself and others, you are exchanging the most valuable currency in the world— your time + energy.

If you started each day with a hundred coins of energy in your bank: is some random stranger you pass on the street worth ten of your coins? What about if you chose to show them kindness instead? You could add money to your bank. I challenge you to use this thought when you find yourself upset, angry or annoyed-simply ask youself if they’re worth your coins today-plain and simple, the answer is almost always no.

Why is energy important? It is the unversal currency that dictates our reality. As you pay attention, you will begin to feel it, as most of us already have. Think back to a time when you’re doing something that you love, you feel “energized,” now think about a time when you’re in a rut, you can’t make that cup of coffee fast enough-you may feel exhausted or drained.

As you begin to cleanse your energy, you will begin to feel differently. You can begin to see it all around you and in others. You will notice when it’s off and you take all steps necessary to get back in alignment and when you live in a more positive forcefield of energy, you will protect it all costs.

So treat your energy like it’s all the money you own: protect it, insure it, and invest it wisely. Pay attention on how you spend it and ask yourself what is my return investment before committing to something. If we give it to the right people, they will invest and yield more positive energy in our life. If we spend it on the waiter who messed up our order, the mean customer we interacted with or the person who cut us off on the freeway—then we lose it and have to work harder to earn it back. The less positive energy we have in our bank becomes reciprocal and will attract the same lack energy unless we fix it ourselves to become a higher energy.

So keep that in mind today, & remind yourself that you are too high vibe to deserve anything less than sweet vibrations.

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