Astrology is a Science: Don’t @ Me

If nothing else on the internet is true, let this be your truth: YOU.ARE.A.MIRACLE.

If you didn’t start with a daily affirmation today, let this be it.

Repeat: I AM A FREAKING MIRACLE because my beautiful friend, you are.

Let us first admire the complexities that come along with creating a child (don’t worry-my mind wandered there, too). You have a fairly small window in a woman’s monthly cycle that must be met with a man, create a healthy egg together and implant safely in to the woman. Over the next ten months, this microscopic egg will somehow evolve into an intricate web of DNA, neurons, energy, organs, bones, water, mass–among a MILLION other things until a beautiful human is made.

We are assigned chromosomes that often dictate our birth gender, hair color, eye color as well as a million other inherited traits all from a tiny freakin’ cell. This is still so insane to me, even now I cannot believe I made a human, let alone two of them. When my children fall asleep at night, I sometimes find myself staring at them amazed by the smallest detail of them like their fingernails and am in awe that I made that.

Yet we can all agree that this is science right?

My younger daughter, for example, has ringlet curls, olive skin, and a constant desire to defy anything I say or ask of her-all of which, I believe, did not come from me (jokesss). I’ve been analyzing both of my daughters since their birth-“she definitely got that from me” or “that’s definitely from their father,” depending on their smile, behaviors, or emotional reaction to the outside world. So we’re not just talking about physical traits, our offspring embodies our physical, emotional, mental, and hereditary genetics assigned to them since birth.

So with that in mind, why is something like Astrology so easy to discredit? Most of us can agree that outer space is science (no offense, flat earthers). Why wouldn’t the position of the planets during our birth matter?

This is where the miracle comes into play. Our soul chose to be born at the very exact moment, our soul chose to be born into our specific family and our soul chose to face the challenges we have endured or will endure in hopes that we will become our highest Self. What is so disappointing about this is that we’ve spent our entire lifetime believing otherwise. Each moment in our life has prepared us for its bigger purpose but oftentimes, we get distracted, influenced, hurt and are faced with choices that allow us to choose wrong. But the sky is always ready for you, + it’s one of the many resources we can use to gain a deeper understanding of exactly who we are.

Let’s say I lost you here, because you were born + grew up in a horrible upbringing, you were born in a prison cell and placed in a foster system full of physical abuse and families that never wanted you. Underneath the unresolved traumas, years of heartbreak and pain-there were also life lessons + a chance for you to take action and build a purposeful, amazing + abundant life–we hear of these stories all the time. The key is that if this is you, you will have to work harder for it + if you’re not careful, it can also break you if you allow it.

Astrology is essentially our cosmic fingerprint. we can meet the right people to help us understand our chart, we can use it as a tool to better understand ourselves and our life purpose. We can use it to find clarity with karmic relationships + events and we can use it to gain a deeper understanding in certain areas of our life.

You are always the most powerful being in control of your life, your freewill dictates the direction your life travels in, and hey, isn’t it always easier going places with directions?

But if you’re like me, you’re all in, you can still be overwhelmed with Astrology. Charts, Houses, Rising, what? That’s where your birth chart comes into play.

The Ancient Greeks were one of the first societies to record planet movement and themes. Even the term planet means “wanderer” in Greek. As they began to follow and understand each of the planet’s orbit, they were also able to determine the unique theme or the properties that the planet’s influence had on them. Some planets like Mercury, for example, are closer to the sun + will impact your life on a more frequent basis due to its short cycle whereas planets with longer orbits like Saturn + Pluto, which will impact your life on a more long term scale.

We all know the phrase “Mercury is Retrograde,” but do we really understand what that means?

Mercury is the planet of communication, so when communication is impacted, halted or removed from your professional and personal life, what happens? You fight more, you assume ill intent, you think this person is mad or frustrated at you-right? We hopefully all agree that effective communication is key to a peaceful + present life.

Now that we understand the properties of the planet, we look at Mercury’s orbit and see where it currently is in the sky (meaning in which zodiac sign is Mercury in) and because each sign carries its own unique traits, we can see how that planet will influence our current day, week or month.

‘Tis the season, since we’re currently in Aries + Mercury is the planet in “communication,” meaning Mercury is traveling through Aries in the sky, this would be a time of encouragement to become more daring, blunt, and deliberate with your communication (words). It would also be a good time to come up with new ways of thinking about things, think innovatively, among other things. This can be dialed in a little deeper depending on where Mercury falls on your chart specifically, but we can embody this Aries season of Mercury’s orbit and how it can impact our ability to communicate our words, thoughts and desires. This is, on a very high level, is one of the many ways an Astrologer translates your horoscope.

Keep in mind, just as we witness in life, there is a major difference between Andre Sparkling Wine and Perrier Jouet Rose Champagne. If you decide to invest in an accredited Astrologist reading rather than the last pages of a teen magazine, this could actually help guide you through making major life decisions, finding purpose, or clarity on your life path.  If you plan to book a reading, it is an investment-so if you’re not ready to break out the bank, I encourage you to at least locate and learn more about your birth chart.

So what does all of this mean?

  • First: find your birth certificate (yes, I’m that girl) and confirm your birth day, time and location (this is important to capture the correct placement for your birth chart)
  • Next, download or find your birth chart online
    • You can find a free one here
    • You can also download the Co-Star App
  • Then make note of your BIG three:
    • Identify your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising/Ascendant Sign
  • Then for fun, see where Mercury lies in your chart (then you can think of the major properties of that astrological sign to gain a better understanding how your communication comes through (ie. Cancers are often emotional while Scorpios tend to be more secretive)

Now let’s look at our BIG three:

Sun Sign: This is your identity; “I am,” your ego, how you vision yourself in the grand scheme of things.

For example, I am a Leo, which I believe most Leos relate to owning qualities of being loyal, honest, loving the spotlight/being the center of attention, being adored, among some qualities less stellar that we embody–but that’s not important here.

Keep in mind what the planet does, the Sun has all the planets revolve around it, it is our life force. It is going to be our biggest sign.

Moon Sign: A reflection, our emotional guide, how we feel about ourselves. The moon is also ruled by Cancer, a sign that truly FEELS their feelings. It is our mood ring. You often need to be in a quiet and comfortable setting to embody this sign, just as you would expressing these things.

Rising Sign: It’s how others view us, how the world perceives us, how we come across when people meet us for the first time.

We also encounter cosmic events like moon cycles + retrogrades that can really throw a wrench in our otherwise constant orbit, so say we are planning on a MAJOR communication such as asking for a divorce amidst a Mercury Retrograde, you could potentially consider not having that conversation until after the retrograde. It won’t change the outcome of your relationship but it may make the process easier or you could end up with a better agreement as a result. With anything in life, freewill always trumps divine tools in your toolbox but using a power drill is better than a screw driver when installing curtains.

When you pull your chart, you will see numbers. These are your houses + this is where having an astrology reading comes in pretty handy. This is your actual life blueprint, much like your human design.

Your houses will determine (meaning where the planets were housed in the sky at the exact moment you were born), it will help you understand your life path & represent the different types of people, places, events or life experiences that will unfold during your lifetime.

So while I think investing in a reading is well worth it, you can also check out my post here to watch Ashley Betchley, of The Real Betch podcast give me a reading on my birth chart and see how much of it resonated with my past and future.

& for those of you who are still non-believers, that’s totally okay, I support that + I support you, but keep in mind that you are just building your life with one less tool in your toolbox. Maybe it’s just a level that you never use but what happens if it’s your hammer?

All you really own in life is that-you in this present moment + the more you understand yourself, the better you can use that knowledge to become the best version of you + for me, that is all the scientific proof I need. 

tell me more.

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