Work it Out: The Madison Improvement Club

     Every morning I wake up everyday with the ambition to work out, and usually make it to the gym around four to five times a week. Since the weather has been in the triple digits in Phoenix, I hate only having the option to workout indoors and it seems like lately I’ve been a little bored with my routine–so with the help of my friends and nearby places, I’m finding ways to mix up my routine and thought I’d share my fun ideas and experiences with you in case you ever find yourself in a gym rut like me.

The Madison Improvement Club

   The Madison Improvement Club   

    I can’t even explain how much of a fangirl I am! I’ve driven by their location hundreds of times without knowing what it was. While at breakfast a couple weeks ago, my friend Kelly suggested we take a spin class there (ps.first timers are free!) and told us that we had to check it out to fully understand how amazing it is. So, sure enough my girlfriends and I signed up online (they’re always busy, so this is a must do) and waited to see how different this spin class was from any other one I’ve taken, and let me tell you–it was life changing.

Located in the Arcadia District in Central Phoenix, the parking lot was full by 9 am and when I walked in, there were lines and people everywhere! The building is actually quite small, aside from the lobby it only hosts two other rooms: a spin room and a yoga room as well as an amazing, healthy cafe for pre/post workout snacks and smoothies/juices as well as a locker room.

The club is bright and filled with natural light, adorned with cute gym clothes for sale and their staff was super attentive. Even though there were people everywhere we managed to check in and grab our bikes in less than 10 minutes (although they recommend arriving 15 minutes early). Inside the spin room, they offered earplugs, water, towels and cubbies for your gym bag. As I settled into my bike, the room went pitch black. As soon as a song began to start, so did the lights. It was as if I was in the middle of a dance club on my spin bike. The music was loud and contagious, black lights came on, and people were literally dancing on their bikes. The instructor’s playlist was mixed with remix versions of Miley Cyrus, Emile Sandé and Of Monsters in Men, and if you have Spotify, every instructor’s playlists are offered on their website. I definitely got my dance/pop fill during the class which made spin go by ten times faster than it ever has, and with all the energy–I think I worked out harder than I have before because the next day I was sore all over (and usually I’m never that sore from spin).

“Don’t Act Your Age Wrap” and the “Santa Maria Turkey Sandwich

The overall experience will definitely bring me back there, and I just LOVE their cafe (S.E.E.D. Cafe), they have such good food, everything looks so yummy! My friend Heather and I stopped there for lunch and split two sandwiches, they come with your choice of side (I got the cucumber salad which was their side of the day). We both couldn’t get over how good it was (and cheap, everything is around ten dollars or under). They even deliver and have plenty of options for vegetarians and those with gluten allergies! I suggest trying out the cafe if you’re on the fence about their classes, you’ll be hooked once you walk in, I promise.

Just to give you an idea of cost:

  • First class free to AZ residents
  • Drop in: $15 or $10 for students
  • Unlimited Monthly: $149/mo or $120/mo for students
  • 5 pass for $68
  • 25 pass for $300.

For more information make sure to check out their site: & hope to see you there!

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