happy endings.

I became inspired to start this blog to sort of use my life experiences in an effort to help people get through struggles of their own. For the longest time it felt like I was constantly thrown in to this whirlwind tornado of life, and while I’ve grown to appreciate the lessons and truly believe I have become a better version of myself because of it, I hope by sharing my experiences I can help give someone comfort knowing they weren’t the first, only, or last person to gracefully face plant in the debutante ball of life.

With that in mind, I have always felt that one day I would sort of just have life figured out. As if one day I’ll know how to cook or sew, speak fluent French and not kill every house plant I own, and although I’m much more comfortable with the instabilities in life–I have to admit I’m a little disappointed to learn that there’s no such thing as a perfect ending, one that I’ve spent my entire life searching for.

I know that sounds harsh, but let me explain. In December and in March, my sister’s fathers unexpectedly passed away. I know that statement may sound confusing, and without having to map out my entire family tree, I’ll briefly explain in short: my two-step sisters and my best friend, whom I consider a sister, both lost their fathers within a couple of months of each other. These men were husbands, fathers, and influential people in my life, but more importantly, they were stability in theirs. I can’t help but think how cheated these men were in life, they were grown up, who found their soul mates, got married, and started a family–that’s one hell of a curve ball to be thrown when you’ve sorta retired from the game.

As I begin to rationalize and understand the loss of these beautiful lives, I came to the conclusion that everything is for a greater good. You simply have to always strive for that, every minute of every day. As I put myself through college with the countless hours writing papers, reading books, and studying–nearly destroying any attempt of a social life, I trek along because I know it’s for a greater cause–and in return I have learned that everything else in life is, too.

Without sounding preachy, understand that I’m learning with you. I don’t claim to know everything, but here’s what I do know–Don’t wait. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Not your pension, not your relationships, not your breath. Why not be the person you strive to be now?

What do you want out of life? Do you want to travel more? Simple, save money and go. Want to be healthy? Easy, work out, eat clean and set goals–no excuses. Life is never going to be as simple as a happy ever after, it’s always going to throw you curve balls, all you can do is be prepared for them.

Leading up these past six months I have destroyed my credibility because I was too busy and decided to wait for the right opportunities, but losing family unexpectedly, I’ve realized there is no such thing as perfect timing (rather that’s luck) and it made me reconsider what’s really important in life. I reconnected with people I still cared about, I’m considering moving closer to my family after college, and I’ve made it a point to make time to find the little happinesses (the little things that make your stomach flutter with excitement).

Remember the mind can be a powerful tool. It will try to rationalize most of your choices, but if it is something you want, and it will make you a better person because of it, I suggest you don’t wait another minute. It can be scary, but I promise you life will be terrifying at times regardless. Life will never be an easy journey, but I promise it can be a beautiful one if you choose to make it one.

carpe diem.

“Do you remember what you told me once? That every passing minute is a another chance to turn it all around..”

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