Ode to Oscar


The 1st Academy Awards, held in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

As some of you may already know, I’m a total History buff–which means as part of my curriculum I’m constantly looking to the past to in order to gain a better understanding of the future. Personally, I think I’m just a curious person who wants to know everything. A result of being an only child, I imagine.

Tonight I came across an article on The New Yorker by Amy Davidson (see here), in which she berates host Seth McFarlane’s performance last night, saying “watching the Oscars last night meant sitting through a series of crudely sexist antics led by a scrubby, self-satisfied Seth MacFarlane.” I promised myself when I started this blog to always be positive, but I think a nerve was struck when she said “It just seemed like a way for MacFarlane to make fun of viewers for being prudish and not “getting it.” (See, the cool girls think that it’s funny!)”

I consider myself to be somewhat of a comedy junkie, so naturally I thought his performance was amazing and exactly what I expected from the creator of Ted and Family Guy, and a host mocking the audience is certainly not a new concept at award shows. So, this (of course) got me thinking that this, what exactly is the Academy Awards about?

As I began to research, I noticed that everything about the Academy Awards has changed significantly from year to year, which means there shouldn’t be a standard in how the ceremony is held. Everything from categories (Bette Davis won as the result of a write-in), to the various locations in which the ceremony is held, to the actual statue have changed (the first Academy Awards didn’t even have acceptance speeches), so is it fair to hold last night’s host to such a standard?

Here at rianna.eve, we like to celebrate ingenuity, so I decided to celebrate those moments instead.

I’ll start by posting a couple of my favorite acceptance speeches that I remembered watching over the years and as it turns out, they’re both a little wacky.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck–obviously they’re REALLY excited to win they just shout every name that comes to mind, hilarious.

“Let me make my dress look pretty..” She just does her thing, I love it.

Also, share some facts I picked up in my exploration:

  • Today there are 24 categories, but the first award show held on May 16, 1929, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, featured 10 categories. 
  • In present time, the decision for each winner is held by a voting process only by the members of the Academy of Motion Picture and Science, and voters must belong to the category in which they are voting for (i.e. directors vote for directors)
  • The list of winners used to be given to media outlets in order for them to publish them the following day (in times before the world wide web) but in 1939, the Los Angeles Times ran the list of winners in an evening edition before the ceremony took place in one of the industry’s greatest years. Talk about a buzzkill. Suffice to say that won’t happen again, now the PricewaterhouseCoopers firm is hired to keep the envelopes safe.


  • So who is Oscar? That’s historical debate, but I like the rumor that Bette Davis thought the backside of the statue looked like the derriere of her husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson, therefore nicknamed her statue Oscar.
  • The statue weighs 8.5 lbs! Not a bad arm workout, eh?
  • During World War II when there was metal shortages, the statues were made of plaster.
  • It wasn’t until 1952 when the 25th Annual Academy Awards were televised on NBC.

& I’d like to end my Oscar rant to focus on what I believe is most important thing: the fashion. Perhaps if we focus on couture, we’d all be much happier people–maybe Amy Davidson just needs Versace in her life.


Jessica Chastain

Notice the minimal jewelry, literally unseen at events like this, just a beautiful dress and bright lips & I’m obsessed!


Samantha Barks

She could have done so much with this (a statement necklace, bright lips) but I love the simplicity!


Charlize Theron

The bodice, the delicate peplum, the color! She always looks perfect.846x-3

Halle Berry


Naomi Watts


Jenna Dewan (& her baby bump)

I love the dress, nail color and lip color, and of course her baby bump.


Jennifer Garner

I love everything about her look! the color, the necklace & her hair..gorge


Stacy Keibler


tell me more.

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