Funny Girl

girlsI’m so happy to see women like Chelsea Handler, Mindy Kaling and Lena Durham take charge of television, obviously they’re hilarious, smart & talented women, but they’re just SO refreshingly honest with themselves.They’re willing to admit things I’ve never felt okay whispering in to the ears of my closest girlfriend and now they’re taking over television!

Society has been consumed with improving self-image, and setting women up for some sort of unattainable perfection. From not gaining a pound in pregnancy, to measuring out your inner thigh gap, it’s easy to see how quickly these imperfect women found a place in women’s hearts. They’re a little chubby, sort of psychotic, sometimes drunk &  disorderly,  but the best part is that they seem like a lot of fun! I believe that’s what your twenties are supposed to be about–like the awkward middle school years of adulthood. The message they’re sending is quite clear, it’s okay to always not have it completely together and laugh at yourself when you make mistakes.

As I’m in my late twenties approaching my thirties, I’m keep promising to myself that I will have to have my shit together soon and I’m already starting to calm down quite a bit (a wild night out = one too many glasses of wine at happy hour). But, I want to look back and know that I had a lot of fun regardless if I spilled wine on my shirt or had lipstick on my teeth, and that I’d like to extend a special thanks to these women for reminding me that imperfection is sort of perfection in its own way.



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