5 things.

cropped-img_2233.pngA couple of friends tagged me in a post on Instagram that prompted me to list five things about me that people may not know. It was a trivial exercise, yet I found myself stumped to even think of one thing. I couldn’t help but think why I was having such a problem. We’re living in a time where people are over-sharing everything yet the more I go along with it, the less I want to share–assuming I want to share anything at all. In fact, I pretty much gave up on this site. But, for whatever reason, I knew I wasn’t ready to leave it all behind.

As I began to think about it, I have always had a soft spot for online media. At 18 I worked at an internet solution company before any of my friends knew life outside of AOL instant messenger. I had Friendster and Xanga before Zuckerberg even accepted his offer for Harvard. Hell, I’ve been using social media platforms before most people knew what social media was–so in that regard I’d like to take this opportunity to reinvent my site, and tackle my fear of five things you may not know about me.

Here we go:

1. I am obsessed with french everything–music, the people, designers, the language, movies, its cityscape, basically the country in its entirety. I’m currently petitioning for my teacher to teach a class on the French Revolution next semester by recruiting students to take the class. Completely normal behavior, n’est pas?

2. I hate capitalizing my name–and on typed forms will purposely lower case my name. I also hate being called Ree-ahn-uh and prefer Re-anne-uh, but chances are, I won’t correct you unless I consider you a good friend.

3. I love SNL and anyone who’s ever been a cast member. I’m talking Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Will Ferrel, hell, I’d even go a little lez for K.Wiig. It’s my kryptonite, and the show is beyond brilliant. #weekendupdatewithsethmyers

4. If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, it would be President Obama. You may not understand it now, but Obama will be an incredible figure in American ideology for centuries to come & his company would be incredibly entertaining.

5. I bought my dog after having three or four margaritas while on vacation in LA, I had no intention of getting a dog at all, but once my friend Neda and I stumbled in to the pet store off Melrose and saw his cute little mug, we knew one of us would be leaving with a pug.

tell me more.

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