the not-so-love letters.

Artist Sandhi Schimmel uses the paper found in her mailbox to create fabulous artwork.

Even at 27, I’m still excited to check the mail. Each afternoon, I open my mail box and before I can even see what’s in there I have to pull out a huge stack of junk mail. To top it off, next to the mailboxes sits a garbage can & even though I’m pretty recycle happy, nine times out of ten I throw it away simply out of convenience.

Unfortunately, companies like the penny saver didn’t get the e-memo that it’s an outdated form of advertising, which means they’re probably not going to stop anytime soon. So I’m here to offer some quick, simple solutions that won’t take too much time out of your day.

“The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that “44% of junk mail is discarded without beign opened or read, equaling 4 million tons of waste of paper per year, with just 32% recovered for recycling.” 

How you can help:

  • Credit Card Offers:, you can opt out for five years or forever. If you change your mind, you simply visit the site to join again. You also have the option to call them, 24/7 at (888) 5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688), these are both controlled by the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax and Innovis) and may ask for personal information, including your social security. It’s 100% safe, don’t worry friends.
  • Catalogs:, Somehow I am sent tons of unwanted catalogs, by visiting the site you’ll be able to monitor what you want and don’t want sent to you. You can either pay a twenty dollar fee to have them stop the companies from selling your information, and limit your catalogues or you can search each catalogue individually (even PHONE BOOKS, horray!) so make sure to keep track of what’s sent to you because it may require a small amount of homework on your end. The good news is by signing up with them, they will keep track of each company you filed a complaint with including the date and time. Of course you always have the option to contact the catalog individually, even though it may be more annoying. I suggest setting time aside once a week, one at a time. By the end of the month you will have made a huge difference!
  • Savers: I’m sent a TON of these! For most mailers (Val-Pak, ShopWise and Penny Saver) you can call the number (800) 422.5377 and simply ask to be taken off the list.
  • If you’re lazy (ain’t nothing wrong with that) but you would like to do your part in getting rid of the junk, you can contact and they will reduce your junk mail by 80-95% for a small fee of forty one dollars, their service lasts for five years and fifteen dollars of the fee will go to a non-profit of your choice.
  • Last, most companies will ask you to either sign up for e-bills or auto-payment, & both will save a ton of mail. Next time you’re on the phone with your cable, electric, credit card company, be sure to ask them how to sign up for your bill to be sent electronically. Some will even offer some kind of incentive for making the switch, you’ll never know unless you ask!

Of course I could always write more, so if you’d like more information or you have any concerns, feel free to contact me anytime.


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