Pura Vida Bracelets!


If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica, or had friends or family who’ve been, you’ll know what Pura Vida means. In Spanish, it translates as the “pure life,” but people often use it as a way of saying hello, good bye or anywhere else they feel like using it in their sentence.

I feel fortunate to have had the chance to experience Costa Rica first hand. One memory that makes the rest of them seem obsolete is remembering how beautiful Costa Rica is. There were monkeys inches away from us and the beaches were so full of life! Within a mile walk, I lost count of sand dollars, crabs, and snails who were scurrying throughout the sand to find safety. It was more or less, magical.

The very essence of Pura Vida and Costa Rica also happened to create a business opportunity that was started by a couple of college grads and a local Costa Rican named Jorge (seen below).


 These bracelets are awesome, and can be worn by everyone! Each one is made by hand in Costa Rica, and each strand is covered in wax-like coat, so they’re long lasting color. I took mine on a mud run and it’s still bright and colorful, which I can’t say that about the rest of my belongings. Also, each bracelet is made up of different combinations, and adorned with a little charm. I love mine, especially knowing when you buy these bracelets, they will make a difference.

  • In just a short time, the business has expanded to 25+ people in Costa Rica, that’s employing a country where poverty is seen on every corner!
  • The business has also paired up with 1% for the planet & their autism bracelet donates $1 of every bracelet to the Autism Society of America, plus look how fun they are! 


  • The best part, is they start at FIVE dollars, seriously. That’s one morning without Starbucks.

For more information, please visit:




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