run, forest, run!

Yesterday I decided to do a “mud run,”  it was the Gladiator Rock n’ Run at Irvine, and it honestly was an amazing experience! My only regret is not jumping on the bandwagon sooner.

It’s basically a 5k/3.1 terrain run/walk through a series of strength testing obstacles for children 14 and older. Each participant won a medal upon completion, a free t-shirt, a beer and a collection of dirt samples!

Proceeds for this particular run went to TACA (Talk about Curing Autism), and you can chose to do it solo, with a handful of friends, or grab a bunch of friends and go crazy. The particular race I participated in, a couple got married! According to, they shared there first run on the race and decided to swap vows the same way!

You can read more about these two lovebirds by clicking  here

The good news is every single person comes to have a good time, so there’s no way you won’t leave feeling the same.

Some people made shirts, others wore costumes and everything about the race was ridiculous. One point my entire body including my face was covered in mud, and as I was crawling in puddles of thick mud I just started to laugh about how ridiculous everything was, however I wouldn’t hesitate for one second before jumping right back in the middle of those trenches to relive that moment.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours, the mud isn’t even out of my clothes after washing it four times and I can’t wait to do it again!

With that idea in mind, I decided to search around for some cool races coming up, I thought I’d share some that I found that look like too much fun to pass up.

The Color Run


When: Unfortunately I missed the Southern California cities, but I encourage you to use this as an excuse to travel! Visit the website to see cities still available this year.

What: This is such a fun idea, and it’s all-age friendly! Basically you, as well as every other person and volunteer is given a bag of colored powder (cornstarch). It’s one of many colors given out and throughout the race people will be throwing powder at the runners. The only rule they have for contestants is to wear white, so by the end of the race you’re one big tie-dyed mess.

It’s currently touring 37 cities, below is a map of locations.


It’s a 5k/3.1 mile run or walk. It costs about 40-55 depending on when you sign up, and majority of the proceeds go to charity & the charity depends on which city you participate in. I’m planning on going to the one in Sacramento because my parents live there (and what could be more fun than hanging out with them in many shades of color?), proceeds from this race are going to Girls on the Run.

*This race is not timed, so if you’re looking to place this race may not be for you.

Run for your Lives


This is amazing.

When: In Southern California, race date is October 20th, 2012 and wave times vary from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

It’s currently 70% full, so make sure to plan now if this is something you’d want to do!

What: This is a 5k/3.1 mile RUN, where zombies will chase after you. Each participant is given 3 “health” flags, and must place them on their body. The zombies main purpose is to try to take them from you, so not only are you trying to run from them, you will also have to outsmart them. In order to place or be eligible for prizes you must pass the finish line with at least one flag intact.

There will also be 12 man-made and natural obstacles that will be physically challenging, but not impossible. There will be mud, water and maybe some blood. You will need to climb, crawl, duck and dive.

The cost depends on sign up, it can be anywhere from 77 to 87 dollars. Each participant will receive an event t-shirt, a free beer, race medal, access to the “Safe Zone,” and over 12 live bands at the Apocalypse Party.

This race is for children 14 and over. Proceeds from this race go to the American Red Cross.


It’s currently touring in 12 cities, see if the zombies are coming for attack here.

5k Foam Fest:

When: In Southern California, the race is May 26th, 2012. Start times are anywhere from 9am to noon.

What: A 5k/3.1 obstacle course run filled with FOAM! It’s like one big slip and slide! This is similar to a mud run, so prepare to get dirty. There will be an endless amount of temporary tattoos, participants are encouraged to get covered up before the race.

All participants receive a swag bag, t-shirt & one free beer (21+ over) as well as access to other activities including a foam pit, mud pit, pull up bar, hula-hoop contest, limbo contest, greased pole, and tons of other stuff.

*editors note: The people who put on this particular race are super nice, because they actually list images and videos of each obstacle, because sometimes the hardest psych of doing a run like this can be the anxiety of not knowing what to expect.

The cost can vary depending on the city, as well as the charity. In Southern California, a share of the proceeds go to Shared Hope International, a charity organization to help stop human trafficking and it’s around 55 dollars to participate.

This is age friendly, with exceptions. It’s for children 6+, children 6-11 participate in the rug-rat race, children 8+ can participate alone and children under 8 must participate with an adult. Otherwise the 5k is for children 12 and up.

For more information visit the site

* is having a week special where it’s half priced to sign up through them (Expires Saturday May 5th, 2012)


I decided to highlight 5k races because it takes minimal effort to participate. I believe anyone in moderate health can participate, in fact I worked the night before until 4 am and woke up at 6 am to participate in this past race. Of course I was tired, and it could have been a lot easier had I been more hydrated and well rested, but I still managed to run. However, these races are always looking for volunteers, so if it sounds fun but running isn’t your thing, make sure to check out the sites and help make these runs possible. Personally, I’d volunteer to become a zombie for the Run For Your Lives run!

Or if you’re looking to get involved but these races aren’t for you, check out upcoming races in the Los Angeles area by clicking on or For all other areas check out

See you out in the trenches,


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